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Jas Dhillon is a strategist, inventor, mentor and business operator with extensive strategy, team building, product innovation, business development, and operations expertise. With a deep and wide C-Level network in Internet/Software industries and Venture Capital he has raised ~$100m in equity capital during the course of his career.

Jas has a strong track record of establishing and managing long-term executive client relationships, creating award winning products, negotiating complex sales/partnership deals, and driving sustainable commercial expansion. He is passionate about enabling existing enterprises or new ventures to innovate and expand via disruptive business models, technologies, and talented teams.

Jas founded and scaled 2 successful Software as a Service ventures in Business Social Networking and Engineering-Power-Construction Industry Design and Engineering Collaboration. He has also served as part of the launch stage leadership team for Microsoft Office Live (now Office 365) where he was responsible for business development, acquisitions, and partnerships.

He is always interested in opportunities to connect and work with Corporate Innovators, Investors, and Entrepreneur CEOs to help with strategy, business coaching, talent development, product innovation, operations improvement, and commercial expansion.

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