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COVID-19 has accelerated  planet wide behavior changes in customers, partners, vendors and governments over and above ones already created by supply-chain transformations, ubiquitous sensors, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented-virtual reality, and mobile. Surviving and growing through these change waves require rethinking your business strategies ranging from product to organization to infrastructure to delivery to the end user. Rapid innovation are essential for survival and success. We can help you craft a strategy to embrace these disruptive waves by reimagining your business to change your company, your industry, and your customer relationships.

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Organizations apply business model and product innovation to enter new markets, renew their foundation, defend against disruptors and prevent decline. Innovation ranges from changes to an organization’s value proposition to customers (e.g. target segment, product or service offering, revenue model) all the way to transforming the underlying operating model (where to play along the value chain, the cost model to achieve meaningful returns, the organization structure required) to drive profitability, competitive advantage, and value creation. We work with CEOs and their teams to identify, plan and execute on innovation opportunities.

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Scaling Smarter

Covid-19 is changing business conditions daily requiring us to dynamically adjust to new and less-certain realities. Using Scenario Planning we can assist your team in war-gaming the various types of scenarios your organization may confront and prepare response strategies. Further, we can work with your team to define and execute operational sprints that last between 2-4 weeks to achieve results for selected scenarios, while providing the flexibility to shift strategy quickly based on new information and conditions. The shorter horizon helps energize and align your teams to be highly productive in this volatile environment. It is also long enough to complete substantial tasks, but short enough to adapt to new information as it is known.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation begins and ends with how you think about and engage with your customers, partners, employees and vendors. The transformation is being accelerated by really smart engineers, technologists, and strategists backed by investors who are capitalizing on opportunities to plug holes, fill vacuums, and disrupt business as usual, changing the way that we buy, sell, deliver, share, give, and access products and services. We enable you to embrace digital disruption and to reimagine, modify and recreate your’ business by leveraging digital technologies to create products, services, and customer experiences that embrace rapidly changing business and market requirements.

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Product Development

New strategies often require the development, launch and operation of entirely new products or product portfolios. We are highly skilled at converting strategies into product designs and assembling/managing teams that can develop designs into “minimum viable products” to launch and get to product-market fit via rapid iterative enhancements.  Once product-market fit is achieved our experienced technology executives can manage ongoing product evolutions via interim or full-time contribution as Chief Product Officers and CTOs to ensure that products reach scale in terms of market share, revenues and profitability.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Organizations change and morph over time. Individual team members, including the CEO need to change and grow in parallel. Our executive coaches are skilled at mentoring senior executives as well as coaching up-and-coming  high potential team members to grow and flourish with the changing demands of their role. We deliver proven results across a range of scenarios including acting as sounding boards, developing high potentials, enhancing cross-functionals operational execution, addressing and eliminating derailing behavior, and facilitating transitions.

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Business Development

Business development creates long-term value from products, relationships, customers, partners and markets.  It is a force multiplier that focuses on customers and innovative methods to reach them, combining direct connections via people relationships with channel partnerships that provide access to the target customer demographic, in existing and new markets. We help you refine your business development strategy, develop and prioritize initiatives, and execute them with you or for you. Our global network accelerates your ability to land strategic accounts, serve existing clients better, or get customers in new markets by establishing subsidiaries, joint ventures, key partnerships, and channel relationships. We can also assist you in M&A to acquire talent, IP, patents, products and new customers.

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Capital and Talent

Investors fund entrepreneurial teams who have infectious enthusiasm, are targeting sectors of the economy experiencing rapid growth and disruptive change, and can convince them that their idea is going to work. They are even more likely to invest if the idea seems crazy, world changing, and a large number of people think it will never work. If you fit this profile we can connect you with blue-chip funding sources as well as human capital to build your venture.

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