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Taser Taps Former Microsoft Exec as Chief Strategy Officer

Jas Dhillon has been named chief strategy officer to lead Taser International Inc.’s new Virtual Systems initiative.

Scottsdale-based Taser (Nasdaq: TASR) mde the announcement Monday that Dhillon would be joining the company after a  stint as  senior executive with Microsoft Inc.

Dhillon has 11 years of CEO experience and 12 years of Fortune 100 experience. He was CEO of ZeroDegrees Inc.,  social networking company or business users, CEO and founder of Blueline Online Inc. and also served as managing director at Pivotal Ventures Inc.

“Jas’s extensive executive experience provides Taser International a critical addition to our management team, enhancing strategic oversight of our significantly expanded research and business development programs,” said Rick Smith, CEO and founder of the stun gun maker.


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